If you have purchased a 'Hidro' Hydraulic Gear Pump, do call us to ensure that it was a genuine purchase, not from a fake vendor.

It is possible to customize pump designs, if volume requirements are to be met, subject to approval from the manufacturing unit.
Installation Instructions:
  • Pump should be filled with fluid before installing.
  • Check the direction of rotation.
  • Clean the pipes thoroughly as there may be dirt, scale, sand, etc.
  • Welded pipes in particular should be picked or flushed out as they may obstruct the flow.
  • For the first run of pump it is advisable to disconnect the pump discharge in order to evacuate the air from the system.
  • Cover the shaft seal when spraying or brush-painting the equipment.
  • Pay close attention to the specifications, especially speed, pressures and suction vacuum.
  • Pump should be carefully positioned and located on the hub.
  • Both parallel and taper shaft units are supplied with a shaft key, the parallel shaft keys must be hand fitted when the coupling is assembled. On no account must the key or coupling be fitted or removed by hammering or levering as this will damage the pump internally.
  • To minimize vibration, which can be transmitted to the pump by rigid runs, it is good practice to use flexible hose immediately connected to the unit ports.
  • Turn the pump by hand to assure freedom of rotation.
  • Filtration: In order to prevent damage to the pump, including premature wear, fluid entering the pump inlet must be free of contaminants.
Maintenance Instructions:
  • Change the oil regularly for attaining maximum pump life.
  • The primary activity performed during a maintenance interval is changing the filters and fluids so that the fluids are clean and perform up to specification. All manufacturers have recommended maintenance intervals, but a variety of factors may increase or decrease the maintenance intervals, such as the environment in which the machine operates and the amount of abuse the machine receives.
  • Make sure that there is no room for dirt or other contaminants to get sucked into the system.
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